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Monday, October 8, 2018

Why do you need to have a blog?

The Rat trick, a lesson to boost sales and your financial buoyancy 
Article by Okpechi Vincent

If you are currently unemployed, or employed but looking to soil your hands into other lucrative business and make more money from your comfort zone, you are a student looking to gain a lucrative skill, you are a writer who needs to be heard,  your business needs to grow her reach, your organization need to be heard, your school needs more reach. Are you reading the right article? Yes.

I drafted this article to teach you some tricks and how you can effectively employ it to reach the right audience, boost your sales and earn from your comfort zone.

If you are unemployed you should know that they are many things you can do with out waiting for a white collar job and if you are employed applying this tricks will give you two source of income congrats!!! Now reading this article and applying its trick will go a long way boosting your financial buoyancy, so lets cut the chase and get to the game.

Now we all might have experience rat disturbance and the methods we applied in killing them, most of the time we damage our properties in a bid to kill one and other times we might get our selves injured or both cases. I’ll share a life experience. One night after eating a nice spaghetti garnished with fried fish I lay with my girlfriend discussing so suddenly I felt some tiny legs and hands walk past my leg I turned and it was a rat and it happened that she has been complaining of rat disturbance she has called me severally to report those cases so without meeting the rats I was already furious with them. As the man I had to take responsibility so I stood up and ran after the rat, now in a bid to kill the rat I destroyed a lot of things and at the end I couldn’t kill it, so shameful but she assured me they were small devils that they escaping was not my fault and that I should not worry ill catch them next time. But I couldn’t live with the shame so the next day I got a nice fish with good smell and also got a rat poison so when I got to her place I broke the fish into four different sections poisoned the fish and dropped then at four different locations in the house and left. So in the evening when I went to check I found out that for each of the points I dropped the fish with good smell I caught a rat and a lot of ants and cockroach, now this was easy I didn’t have to destroy my properties or get my self injured, so in total I caught 4 rats, a lot of ants and cockroach very easy.

If you are yet to get a clue of the trick then you need to go back and read that paragraph again. Now how do we apply the same trick I applied above in order to increase our reach and earn more money? 
That’s the question right?

A wise man will say don’t work hard work smart. Now every business is developed with a goal of  increasing revenue so either you are selling a product or selling a service we are working towards same goal right? Yes. All business spend money mostly on adverts both online and offline to promote either their product or service but yet some business do well and better than the others. Some business don’t even spend as much money as others business do yet they do well and their goal is achieved. Now the question I want you to ask yourself is am i working hard or smart am I running after the rat when I should simply give it a nice poisoned fish with awesome smell? Make sure you are not repeating my earlier mistake when I was trying to show the rat I own the house and chased it till I destroyed my properties and almost got my self injured yet at the end I couldn’t kill it. 

On a normal ground people will congratulate me and say words like “don’t worry you worked hard am sure if you put in much strength next time you’ll catch it” that’s not what I need what I needed was a better strategy to get the dame thing out of my house so I gave the rat solution to its problem by giving it fish which is my product but what drew the rat, ant and cockroach attention was not the fish was the nice smell and in return I got solution for my problem and got rid of the rat so it was a win-win for us.

Now what are we all looking for? We are all looking for solutions to our problems. Are you with me? Please don’t get lost okay. You are looking for solution on how to increase your revenue, or you are looking for solution to your unemployed state. Am I right? Yes. Now your client are also looking for solutions to their problems, and the solution to their problems lies within the solution to your problem which involves selling either your products or services so if you are smart enough to provide them the solutions to their problems first then you’ll have the solution to your problem but most times we tend to be selfish and foolish trying to get the solution to our problems alone it should be a win-win provide them with solutions to their problem (the fish with good smell to attract them) the solution revolves round your product but to too visible (spice the fish with the right amount of rat poison) they eat and get filled (their problem is solved) few mins after eating the fish they drop dead (your problem is solved) everybody wins.

Now I got your attention right?
Good lets get started

For this experiment to be a success we needed four essential tools. First we need a good location where the rat can easily access the fish, then we need a fish, then the smell of the fish, finally the rat poison. If any of these tools are missing we wont be able to get same result as was experimented earlier.

Now you must be getting anxious to know what these tools are in the real life scenario don’t worry ill get into that real soon. but before that if you have been enjoying the article ill love to congratulate you on your success finding and eating my fish. 

The first tool which is the location this Ill define as a point, a convenient location where your potential customers can find the solution to the problem they are looking for. This could be online or offline. But for this article ill be using the online scenario A Blog etc.

The second tool which is the fish ill define as a theoretical solution to your potential customers problems this could be in form of your blog post etc.

The third tool which is the fish smell I’ll define as what attracts your potential customers to the location of the fish, what takes them to the fish, what tells them there is fish at a certain location this could be in form of Your Blog Post Title etc. this could also includes how and where you advertised Your Blog Post Title e.g. Google ads etc.

The final tool which is the rat poison this I’ll define as the link between the solution you provide on your Blog Post and the solution your product or services provides this connects the convincing solution you already provided on your Blog Post to the product or service you want to sell.

Now most persons will ask, What A Blog is?
They are probably a thousand definitions of what a blog is out there each definition depending on the writers’ view. 

Now a blog in its purest form is a tool used to reach the masses share knowledge and experience, solve problems and gain trust.
Now from my view ill define a blog as a regularly updated educational channel written in a conversational style to educate people, foster communication, help solve different life and business challenges, open you up to be heard by the masses and build trust.

One other definition I appreciate is a definition by Amy Lynn Andrews who also teaches blogging and here is what she said. 
“Blog are the new resume, the new business card , the new marketing brochure or advertising billboard and they’re quickly becoming a source of excellent income for many. ”

Now why did I use A Blog as an example? Most solution seekers in this digital age no longer go to library to find solution instead they make use of search engines like the google search engine and for companies seeking to reach more client , the unemployed looking to to sell product for affiliate companies and make good money from their comfort zone, this is a perfect location to release the smell of their fish, get attention of the rats and lead them to the fish ill give you an example “ Am a software programmer so I programmed a software that aids employees working in a company, in the same office complex that has WIFI technology integrated to easily communicate and share files without the use of data (that’s my products now my fish will be) an article with a title that looks like this: “ how to increase work output in the office environment”  ill dig deep into this listing the advantages of office communication and the dangers involve if office communication is not employed in an office environment  (now getting to my poison ill talk about) the functions of my products in relation to this. Now mind you when I said ill dig deep at first I mean ill provide any one reading my article enough reason to believe what am saying is the truth. So when a manager goes on google and looks up “how to increase work efficiency at work” my blog post with the aid of efficient SEO comes up and when he falls for my trick and reads my post he’ll have no choice than to buy my product.

Congrats on getting to this stage am sure by now you must be anxious to employ this strategy and get the game on. Awesome right I bet you this is the wave you have been waiting for, the game changer. This is a sign you are getting closer to the solutions of your problems right? Yes.

So for an efficient application of this given tricks Code Forum has taken it upon her self to organize a Masterclass program on how to successfully implement these tricks, her goal is to help you alongside 3,599 others setup supper blogs across the country make more sales and help other companies make sales and make money from the comfort of your home. I alongside 4 other successful bloggers will be teaching you from experience and showing examples that has worked while you practice with your blog which will be assigned to you once you have paid for this workshop which will cost you N10,000. It’s a 10 hours workshop and they will definitely be enough time for everybody to setup their blog ask their questions so what are you waiting go ahead register send in your staff or come your self and learn. 

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