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Monday, January 30, 2017

LOL! Wife Burnt Money Hidden By Husband After He Told Her There's No Money

A father of six, Emmanuel Okon has lost huge sum of money after his wife, Peace, mistakenly burnt money hid inside a dirty clothes bag kept in the house after he refused to bring money to buy food for the family.

The incident happened at Fayemi Street in Ejigbo Lagos where the couple live.

According to PM Express, the amount mistakenly burnt by Peace was about N50,000 which her husband, Okon hid inside the bag without her knowledge.

On the day the incident happened, his wife had asked to Okon bring money to buy some ‘De Rica’ of rice for the family but he claimed he did not have any money for food stuff and left.

The wife Peace, who is heavily pregnant, decided to clean their apartment and do away with some old, dirty clothes kept in a bag in the room by burning them, not knowing Okon hid some money inside the bag.

When Okon returned, he went where the bag was to check if the money he secretly kept there was still intact only to discover the bag was missing.

He called his wife to know where she kept the bag but was told she took it earlier and burnt them.

Okon broke down and started crying, and revealed she had burnt the money he kept there.

His wife Peace reminded him that he had claimed that he had no money when she asked him for money to buy rice to cook for the family, he got angry and started beating her, despite her pregnant state.

It took the intervention of the neighbours before he let her be.

The matter became an issue at the neighbourhood, with some neighbours saying Okon was right for not disclosing all the money he had, but others say he has paid the price for lying to his wife and seems intended to starve his family whereas he had such huge sum of money and refused to provide for the family as required.

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