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Saturday, July 30, 2016

DETAILS | Davido & His Babymama Fight Dirty

When some Naija ladies heard that Davido is giving his Babymama Sophie big money every month, they were wishing they're the ones who gave birth for him or could get pregnant for another musician and be getting monthly pay. One even attempted it with Burna Boy but she got burnt. Lol!
I wonder why young ladies put money ahead of everything, including morality, these days. And who even told you Davido will continue to give his babymama such huge amount for long? Smh!
It's not easy to be a babymama. See the dirty exchange between Davido and his Babymama:

Sophie asked money from Davido to pay something for their daughter, he refused and it led to a fight to the extent she called him a Deadbeat Dad. What can I say? People should try live their life right.

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