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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Drake - VIEWS (Review) by Dolapo Amusat

1.    ‘’Keep The Family Close’’ opens the album. 

We hear a girl complaining about how ‘’chilly’’ it is ‘’out there’’, and wondering how ‘’you can stand there.’’
Drake, in a pre-release interview, claimed that VIEWS is based on the change of seasons in Toronto. This (plus the girl’s complaint) suggests that the album opens with Winter in ‘’The 6.’’
The song starts with Drake singing. And it’s beautiful (and emotional). I especially like the Chrysler-Bentley allusion:
‘’ Always saw you for what you could've been.
Ever since you met me.
Like when Chrysler made that one car that looked just like the Bentley.’’
 Anyways, the song is mostly sung. And it’s more or less signature Drake, with veeery smooth production. I like this song. It ends with some girl saying ‘’anybody that want it can get it.’’
Bring it to Drake, you gwan get it, cuz.

2.    9

If you never thought about it, a ‘’9’’ is a ‘’6’’ upside down. Duh.

So, needless to say, Drake turns ‘’The 6’’ upside down with this song, or at least he attempts to. It’s basically the self-proclaimed ‘’6 God’’ asserting his influence over his own Nazareth. This song is rapped with the same swanky, staggering swagger he approached Worst Behavior with, and it sounds like your next stuck-on-replay car song. It also has this sexy Reggae sample from Mavado’s ‘’Dying.’’

3.    U With Me?

‘’What these bitches want from a nigga?’’
This song starts with fucking DMX. And before I forget, Kanye is on the production here (alongside Noah “40” Shebib) so this one is pretty special on the production. But on the vocals, it’s typical Drake. He alludes to social media shizzle in talking about his exes, and his current relationship.
He questions his girl’s loyalty, and the purity of their intentions and actions.
‘’All that grey in our conversation history, you
Playin' mind games, when you sayin' things
Playin' mime games, we both doin' the same thing’’
 Basically, he’s telling us how his chats with his woman go. Which might appear surface, on the surface, but it really isn’t. It’s a pretty heartfelt song, especially when he shouts around the end.
The album is still being solid. Is this still Winter, though?

4.    Feel No Ways

First thing I notice is this reminds me of Hold On, We’re Going Home. And apparently, the music was produced by the same guy, Jordan Ullman.
Okay, this song is about a failed relationship of Drake’s, of which, I assume he has several. It’s a good song.

5.    Hype


There’s so much Jamaican influence on this album, and I’m a sucker for that.

This is brag-a-lot Drake.

‘’6 cold like Alaska.

VIEWS already a classic’’


6.    Weston Road Flows

Okay. This is not exactly my favorite sound. But. There’s a bunch of memorable lines on this one.
‘’I'm lookin at they first week numbers like what are those???
I mean you boys not even coming close.’’
Ha. Ha.

Thing is, this song is packed with bars. And while some hit the mark. Others are just…


Like the ‘’Earth day’’ line.

7.    Redemption

This song is really something. It’s loaded, and a little long (four verses).
On the first three verses, Drake scorns a former lover for the emotional pressure she placed on him.
‘’Run your mouth, I'd rather listen to someone else.
I gave your nickname to someone else.
I know you're seein' someone that loves you.
And I don't want you to see no one else.
I don't want you here with no one else.
I don't wanna do this with no one else.’’
It’s pretty touching. Sounds like something I’ll listen to a lot.

8.    With You (Feat. PARTYNEXTDOOR)

This song is not pretentious at all. It’s obvious that you’re supposed to be dancing with your lover, or whoever.
‘’It’s about us right now, girl, where you going?’’
That’s mostly all there is to the song. Banging bass on the beat, carefree lyrics, good singing, and…
Mixing Vodka + Emotions. That kinda ting.

9.    Faithful (Feat. Pimp C & dvsn)

First thing I’m thinking is: Ain’t Pimp C dead or something?
The post-humous feature was apparently taken from Tom Ford(Remix). I like this song. It’s pretty sexually toned.
‘’ I want to get straight to the climax.
Have you coming all summer like a season pass.’’
Seems to me like perfect music to romp to. dvsn is apparently OVO’s newest signee, and he reminds me of Lloyd on ‘’A Night Off.’’
I’ll definitely return to this song.

10.    Still Here

This song sounds sort of typical. It’s all right, sounds good and all, but I don’t really like it.
Until he makes the pun with God and 6’s.

11.    Controlla

Obvious Dancehall influence here. It’s like the Drake version of Work. It’s a lovely song. I honestly don’t care what he’s saying here, it just feels very good.
More Reggae input. Sound, production, flow, break, outro, everything.
Mi a luv dah jam.

12.    One Dance

Finally. Here comes the song I’ve been stuck on for days now. It’s like a continuation of Controlla to me. It’s sexy. It’s also very uplifting.
Kyla brings an interesting twist to the song. Wizkid, on the other hand… Let’s just say I wish his part was longer and more audible. JK, I like it,
‘’Gyal, just lock up. Lock up and whyne ah.’’

13.    Grammys (Feat. Future)

We’re back to hardcore + brag + carefree rap here. I don’t know what Future is doing, though. He sounds like he’s on too much Dirty Sprite. I must admit he sounds good though.
Nice song, although, not very memorable.

14.    Child’s Play

‘’Bounce that shit like woah.’’
At first, all I can think of is twerking. But, as the somng progresses, it appears to hold more meaning. It’s apparently about a girl Drake ‘’took from the hood’’, and threatens to ‘’give back to the hood.’’ It’s like a collage of soulful and naughty, and I like it.

15.    Pop Style

I’m sorry, but I find this song pretty random.
It’s cool though.

16.    Too Good (Feat.Rihanna)

Hmmn. I was curious about this song, as we know Drake x Rihanna collabs usually up the ante. It’s pretty interesting, doesn’t disappoint, but, I don’t find it spectacular either. Maybe it’ll grow on me.

I must not forget to mention the Jamaican (Caribbean?) vibe that’s very strong on this song.

17.    Summers Over Interlude

This album is supposed to allude the changing of seasons in Toronto, and in the beginning, we heard an allusion to Winter. Seems like the seasons thing was forgotten up till now. Or maybe we missed it?
This sounds good, though. Very refreshing.

18.    Fire and Desire

Very different sound from the beginning, which is a good thing. It’s slow and again, this is a potential romp song {for me, at least).
The song takes you to a dark room. With hands and bodies moving. And stuff.


Sounds further different. Like another ‘’season.’’ It’s good. I like the intro and the song itself sounds like a reflection, an overview of himself, his life and his character. It sort of reminds me of Tuscan Leather from NWTS. It’s calm and hard at the same time. The production serves perfectly well, and it sounds like the perfect descent song for such a remarkable album.

20.    Hotline Bling

LOL nah. I’m not reviewing Hotline Bling.

I love the album. I think it’s my favorite Drake album. The production is very acute, the singing is good, rapping is hard, more mature and the overall blend is almost as good as can be.
It’s probably too long, though.

P.S: Lupe Fiasco already did the whole seasons thing on Tetsuo and Youth, though. Just saying.
Dolapo t G M Amusat.

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