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Thursday, May 12, 2016

"A letter from A Luta" - By Opaleye Akintunde

A luta I cried,
A luta you scream.

I was born out of victoria,
through me she was a certa.
The dark wings of history,
soar round my ITALLIAN cerebrum,
a worthy lineage.
how beautiful, the victories i acertained
in my earlies, makes me feel brand new.

Brand new, i would feel forever.
Brand new, the present would bath me with.
Brand new, the future would smile at me with its
rays full of anxiety to embrace me.
Only if and only if !,
you these children of the highly melanined, decietful,
confused white thinking hypocrites!,
hasn't bastardised my use,
broken my youth and darkened my blues,
darkened my blues to suit your skin colours.
Darkened my blues to suit the reflection of
your thoughts.
Ironised my intelligence,
inorder to feed your negligence.

You hereby leave me enslaved
to your lieing tongues, chained to your fingers
as you smash me against the letterick keypads.
leaving my helpless, hopeless strong blood,
to spill over the misterious screens.
screens that luminates your lieng lives,
for hypocrites like you to see.

What a tragic story of you,
you make me a character.
why have you made me a tool
in glorifying the wrath of you.
you put me below your fleshy wants.
An official puppet you make me
in your world.
As i ravel around in search of my saviour,
i am being hijacked by thugs,
raped by fun.s
silenced and clothes to your selfish desire.

This is no new cycle.
Your fathers, once rode on this bycicle,
by the road where victoria was never
allowed to be a certa.
Now, its your drama of self afflicted trauma,
and forever coma.
and you are being a good character.

you leave the  violins of confusion in war
raised in your heads and hearts unfought.
as you use me as a skin cover
saying its you against the world.
what a disgusting lie you tell yourself.

Now you pretend it is you against
your fathers.
Do not forget!
i was slaved by your fathers.
They know how it also feels
to be confused and deceitful.
Soon your seads will rise against you,
and the cycle forever continued
untill i am freed.

My name is A Luta,
which will forever continua in
your minds and torment you.
and for this victoria is ney
to a certa.
she is in hiding under your hearts.
awaiting my freedom,
from your minds into your hearts.
Words of poetry by: Opaleye Akintunde Oluwadamilare Akanni
Artistic illustration by : Opaleye Akintunde Oluwadamilare Akanni

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