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Monday, March 7, 2016

Update on Management/UISU Talks -by Temmy Gista

* UISU President Aliyu Olateju storms Vice Chancellor's Lodge with Students' Union Leaders to meet with Management on better Students' Welfare.

* We admitted 4,008 Students this session - UI VC

* We spend about 420 Million Naira yearly to maintain all residential Halls in UI - Prof. Alada.

* UI Bread is the Best in Nigeria - Acting Director, UI Ventures.

* Its not Fair for Students to assume we care less about them - DVC Admin.

* The Congress has decided, they have the final say not me - UISU President tells School Management.

* We sell water to retailers for 80 to 100 Naira, they should not sell at 200 Naira - Director UI Water.

* Federal Govt. hands off subvention to Federal Universities - UI Management.

* The Tedder Hall cubicle is a psychological assault on Tedderites - Temmy Gista tells UI VC.

* IBEDC doesn't produce electricity, they only distribute - DVC Admin.

* We must begin to consider paying more to get value - Dr. Demola Lewis

* We are going to review the Course registration process - UI VC.

* UISU President inaugurates 10 Man Delegation Team to visit IBEDC.

The Meeting

"Whenever Uites sneezes, the Management catches Cold" - Temmy Gista

The above quote summarises the outcome of the decision of the Congress to embark on the protest on Saturday, March 5, 2016.

Following the resolution of the Congress, the management agreed to meet with Students' Union Leaders with the aim of reaching a compromise and resolving the ongoing crisis situation.

But to our greatest surprise, the management sent for the President, Vice President, SRC Speaker, Deputy Speaker, Zik Hall Chairman and Idia Hall Chairperson ONLY.

That was the card played, to divide and isolate the leaders.. But thanks to the Unity of the Congress and the struggle at hand, the Students' Union Leaders sent a message to the Vice Chancellor through the President that there was nothing to discuss if the management would not meet with the representatives of Students' Union Congress.

True to our earlier decision the management agreed to our demands and we set out to the Vice Chancellor's Lodge to deliver the agitation and demands of the Congress.

We got there at exactly 6:30pm and the meeting started with introductions, lest I forget, on getting to the Lodge our fears were confirmed, 19 men were seated on the management's end of the table, not forgetting they earlier sent for 6 Students' Union Leaders to rattle them.

The meeting chaired by the Vice Chancellor himself had in attendance the DVC Administration, Dean of Students, CSO, Bursar, Librarian, Prof. Alada, Directors of UI Ventures, UI Waters and not forgetting maintenance and many other management board members.

Our demands were simply stated and argued.. Water and Light were high on the agenda including the state of our lecture theatres, Tedder Hall Cubicle and Gate was discussed and many others.

Contrary to the opinion that we reached a compromise with the management, we the representative of the Congress were not convinced with the argument of the management and as such as a matter of urgency the President inaugurated a 10Man Delegation led by the SRC Speaker to Visit the Ibadan Electricity Distribution Commission to find out the true state of things for us to take an informed decision.

Also a 4Man Delegation would visit the UI Waters building to see how the Waters are being treated and packaged, they would also bring feedbacks to the Congress.

In view of the above, the President through the Union PRO shall release an Official Memo to state the Position of the Union in the ongoing struggle for Better Students' Welfare.

Any contributions and observations should be dropped as comments, as we are eager to hear from you all to help us make a balanced and impartial Demands.

Temmy Gista
Student Journalist and Reporter.

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