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Friday, March 25, 2016

Those Against Men Marrying More Than 1 Wife Are Hypocrites — Senator Ndume

After he was attacked by some female lawyers for asking men to marry more than one wife, Senate leader, Ali Ndume got an opportunity to defend himself recently...he also blasted men living in pretense.
He said some single ladies who are talking against a man having two wives are the same ladies who sleep with rich senators like himself, governors, businessmen, etc. who are married. He insisted that it is better for a single lady to get married to a man as his second wife, instead of sleeping with different men which he said everyone is seeing many ladies jumping from man to man these days because of money.

There are hues and cries about your advice that the Senate President, Senator Bukola Saraki, and other men should should marry more than one wife. What brought about the advice? 
I stand by that statement. I stand by what I said. This is not a religious matter. So, my view has nothing to do with religion. There are some societies whose cultures permit more than one wife. So, what I am saying is not about religion. I am speaking on moral grounds. If you cannot tell your wife that you have a girlfriend outside, it means what you are doing is wrong, and that is a moral issue.

However, those who are criticizing me...are hypocrites. A lot of men who claim they have only one wife also do have chain of girlfriends.

So, who is deceiving who? Which is more expensive to maintain between a wife and a girlfriend? If a lady is worthy of being your girlfriend, why is she not worthy to be your wife? That is my point. Instead of you having girlfriends here and there and in every part of the country or the world, why not have more than one wife and take them wherever you are going. The greatest love you can show to a woman is marriage.
Some of the people castigating me said what I said was right but I should not have said it in the public. So, where could I have said the truth if not in the public? Some said, particularly female lawyers that I was trying to equate women with s*x object. No, I could not have intended that. We are not talking of any s*x object. I never said anything about s*x. I was talking about marriage. 
All I am saying that men should not treat women as use and dump objects. Men should show more care to women by marrying them rather than keeping them outside their homes [as girlfriends for s*x]. In those days, any child outside wedlock would not inherit anything. And there are many of such in our society today. We can avoid it if the men can do the right thing and that is by marrying these ladies legitimately. Those women castigating too, would they have wished their sisters are left unmarried? 
I am proud that I have two wives. No girlfriend before, now and never would there be. I have been married now for more than 23 years. I am happy with my two wives.

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