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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Is Emefiele the Problem of Naira Or Are We Getting It Wrong?

by Mallam Sani Ahmed Ibrahim
If not for the commitment, resoluteness and expertise of Emefiele, Nigerian Economy would have been in comatose today with the fall in Nigeria's major source of revenue, the Oil. 
Under Godwin Emefiele, Nigeria's Economy remains the best in Africa, and one of the very few amongst OPEC's members who have stable economies.

I was approached to join the protest against Emefiele, I initially agreed because I will do anything as a patriotic Nigeria to help save Nigeria. But is Emefiele the problem of Nigeria? 
Is Emefiele the reason why the price of Oil has fallen? Talk about Bank Charges; which country will you live on the face of the earth and not pay for financial services rendered by the Banks and Federal Reserve responsible for managing its Currencies?

Emefiele is not a Yoruba Man, does not mean he is weak or is not a professional. Under the professional leadership of Emefiele, one of the strongest and most reliable banks in Lagos and Nigeria, Zenith Bank got to its height, and this successful achievement recommended him for the CBN job.

Everything Emefiele had done, he did with requisite approvals from appropriate authorities as a law-abiding pubic servant. When Goodluck Jonathan's Administration requested for fund, after Due Process, to equip the Army to curb the Boko Haram Insurgency, would Emefiele who saw how Boko Haram was revenging Nigerian Economy in the North East say no? After the release of fund was it the duty of Emefiele to follow the Presidency and the Army to the market to buy arms and also follow the Army to Sambisa to ensure that the arms were bought and used, no?

Emefiele secretly employed children of the rich without advertising? We just discovered the CBN needed specialist skills and got approval from the Federal Character Commission NOT to advertise and instead to do targeted head hunts. And this is very common in both public and private institutions. Emefiele also got the Commission's Clearance Certificate after the recruitment because they supervised and ensured the FCC principles were followed.
Moreover the names of the Rich whose children were employed were less in number compared to the names of those also employed who are orphans and who are of common backgrounds.

If I may ask, is the daughter of Atiku or Arase or others not Nigerians who have right to employment in the CBN if found to be qualified.

What is the meaning of EMEFIELE? So many people like to call this name everywhere and in everything. EMEFIELE, is like the African Tortoise, no story can be complete without the mention of the role of tortoise. Those who make profit on genuine business will hail Emefiele, those corrupt businessmen who have been buying dollars at N196 CBN price and sell to Nigerians at N400, those who have been buying dollars for payment of school fees abroad and those importating toothpicks with cheap dollars from CBN have met a brick-wall, so they must lead and sponsor protests against Emefiele.

If I were President Muhammadu Buhari I will reappoint Dr Godwin Emefiele again, for humble, meek, committed, dedicated, loyal and patriotic professionals like EMEFIELE are rear and difficult to find. 

May the Almighty God, the most gracious continue to use Emefiele to articulate the economic policies of President Muhammadu Buhari so that we can begin to enjoy a stable economy and the CHANGE we voted for....

Mallam Sani Ahmed Ibrahim
Secretary, Christian Muslim Economic Forum

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