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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Do not Scandalize, Crucify Mrs Nellie Mayshak, the Suspended DG of PTAD

A concerned Nigerian who is sympathetic of the media scandal woven against the suspended DG of Pension Transitional Arrangement Directorate PTAD has advised internet rumour purveyors not to crucify her.

“As a rational Nigerian, something has been bothering me and I see it as my moral obligation, to expose lies when I see them. My attention has been drawn to some stories circulating in the social media about the current Pension Transitional Arrangement Directorate (PTAD) DG, Mrs Nellie Mayshak. It is true that she is currently on suspension, but before we crucify her, why don't we ask ourselves some simple questions, and analyze some of the rumours before reaching conclusions.

“It is rumoured that she pays herself a salary of N60million monthly! Where in Nigeria, does a public servant determine his or her salary?

“It is also rumoured that she lives in her privately owned 15 bedroom mansion in Asokoro! It will shock you to know that my kid brother lives in the same compound with her in Maitama. She actually lives in a rented 3 bedroom duplex with 3 neighbours living in the same compound.

“What really upset me is, she is being scandalized to have 9 flashy cars in her house, including 2 sports cars! The last time I went to Abuja to spend a week with my brother, I saw the husband of this lady, using a green taxi, anytime he was leaving the compound.

“The lies should stop. If PTAD is under investigation, let them do their job. Let's stop playing with the image of others, just to create news.” the concerned Nigerian who do not want his name mentioned said in a rebuttal statement.

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