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Thursday, February 11, 2016


The University of Ibadan in-conjunction with Tomkol-G2 fashion group, Kuti Hall (University of Ibadan), House of Aves, C.D.O Beauty House, Xtremebuzztv, Leystrdamus.Com.Ng, and Chronicles multimedia presents THE UNIBADAN FASHION WEEK 2016.

The aim of the event is to give young and talented models, stylist and fashion designers who are students of the University of Ibadan the opportunity to express themselves and develop to become exclusive in the fashion industry. Also, we believe this event would help showcase to the world the entrepreneurial spirit and ingenious creativity that lies in the mind of our students.

Meet The Patners

Tomkol-G2 Fashion Maison:This is a fashion group consisting of models, fashion designers and stylists. The group is headed by Mr. Tomkol Kolawole
Kuti Hall: This is one of the biggest halls of residence within the Institution. It is a reputable hall well known for encouraging entrepreneurship and fashion
House of Aves: A modelling agency that develops and train young models.
C.D.O Beauty House: MakeUp House for all Occasions (Bridal, Party guests, photoshoots), Hair Styling,Gele tying etc..
Xtremebuzz tv: This is an entertainment tv involved in covering and promoting fashion shows and other entertainment events.
Leystrdamus.Com.Ng:  A blog that gives special reports on entertainment, politricks, lifestlye, and social issues.
Chronicles Multimedia: This is a media company involved in event coverage as well as organizing and managing business and entertainment events.

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