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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Photo Of the Day: Mike Adenuga

If Mike Adenuga can greet the President like this, knowing fully he is not mandated to bow to greet him and em he is way richer, and can shake hands with him and move on…. Then who are you? Please note that, Mr Adenuga does this to so many people and he has been caught on camera several times doing it to people he is even older than. If one of Africa’s richest men is this humble, then we should ask ourselves what is making us feel fly.
Someone here just said, hmm Ladun, he is smart and that is why he will remain on top. When he sees the president and bows, there is no way his business will be troubled, because the President will defend him when enemies rise against him. You mean that man? please he is a humble man, let him continue to run his business in peace, the president would say. And that’s being smart, that is being on top, the person said. And to others that he greets that way too, it all still boils down to the same point, he wants everyone to talk about him for good, the person added. Let’s assume that is even true, is that not being smart? Abeg let all of us change our ways. Some people will just buy one tokunbo camry N750k and start flying their shoulders including to their parents, as if the whole world is beneath them. Humility is key. We have learnt something from Otunba Mike now, let us keep it. If you won’t I will. God bless Mike Adenuga! Another photo below…

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