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Saturday, February 6, 2016

My Fame Came Naturally, No Jazz, Nothing, Ogogo Says

Veteran actor, Taiwo Hassan popularly known has Ogogo has once again reminded people that his fame came naturally from God because of the love he has for him and people should stop the rumours that he has been backing it with spiritual help. According to Ogogo, his fame has nothing to do with jazz, but simply GOD. Speaking on the rumours, he said

”This is a question that I myself don’t even know the answer; it is only God that knows that because it is the love of God. Some will get to stardom and within a year people will not remember them again. God loves us so much; it is now left to us to do the will of God. We should always try our best in any situation we find ourselves. My fame is natural, if it was to be sacramental, i am sure it must have faded out by now. I came to stardom in 1991, in 1992 I could no longer take public bus again and I was still working under water corporation as at that time, a cab will come and pick me at home in the morning and return me at night. So if God can still did it from then till now, common I am blessed with love,” he said.

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