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Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Kidnappers Abduct 10 Millionaires In Festac, Lagos, Demand for US Dollars

At least, 10 millionaires have fallen victims of abduction for money at Festac Town in Amuwo-Odofin area of Lagos in the last couple of months, according to investigation. Since last year, abductors, dressed in military camouflage uniform, have continued to kidnap rich men in Festac and Satellite Town.

A police source attached to Area ‘E’ Police Command, said:
“Since June last year till date, about 10 rich men had been kidnapped in Festac and Satellite. We know these kidnappers are the same. Their modus of operation is the same. They wear military camouflage uniform and use the same type of vehicles.

"Most of the victims are traders at ASPAMDA section of the Trade Fair Complex.”

Another source said: “One of the millionaires in Festac called me; he said many of them are scared and are currently moving out of Festac. He said he didn’t understand what was going on in Festac. He said towards the end of last year, he had counted five millionaires that had been kidnapped.

“When he was counting the victims, he wasn’t aware of the recent kidnap of one Frank Umeh. He said that what troubles them most in Festac about the kidnapping, is that the kidnappers used to demand ransoms in dollars.

According to report, one of the victims' ransom was paid in South Africa.

Last Thursday, the latest victim, Frank Umeh, like other victims, was kidnapped by men in military uniforms at Raji Rasaki Estate, Amuwo-Odofin. Residents described Umeh as an industrialist.

A resident added: “The kidnappers were in military uniform. They trailed Umeh to the front of his house. A driver was driving him. They didn’t bother with the driver. They just took only Umeh. It’s the same gang that had been kidnapping rich men in Festac.”

It was learnt that the family of one of the victims paid $1 million. The kidnappers later said the family was rude to them and refused to release the victim. They now demanded another $1 million.

These days, any strange face visiting some parts of Festac like 21, 22 roads, 7th, 3rd and 4th avenues, would be embarrassed at how residents stare and monitor his or her movements.

Lagos Police PRO, Dolapo Badmus, said she can't say the number of kidnap victims in Festac:
“I can confirm Francis Umeh who was kidnapped on January 28, 2016, at Festac. Police do not have record of serial kidnapping. But investigation is in high gear to unravel the incident. We are hopeful that very soon the victim would be released.”

- Nigeria police, try and get on top of this matter. A bunch of guys shouldn't be operation with impunity.

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