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Sunday, February 28, 2016

Is This Right? Olajumoke A Bread Seller is Praised but Ayodele who scored 5.0 in UNILAG is Ignored

Any society that promotes frivolities above mental capacity will remain in the back waters of life...

As we celebrate the "beauty" that TY Bello discovered in Olajumoke the bread seller, it is wrong for the same set of people (we Nigerians) to ignore a young man who just achieved what millions of graduate had failed to achieve. By doing so, we tell our youth that education is nonsense. Is this right?
When are Nigerians going to celebrate real achievements? On the left is Mr. Ayodele Daniel Dada the first Nigerian to finish university with a perfect CGPA of 5.0 and on the left is Mrs. Olajumoke Orisaguna a 'former' bread seller.

Before Ayodele, no one had 'EVER' finished with a perfect CGPA in UNILAG!!! Since it was established in 1962, he made history by becoming the first to achieve such a commendable feat!

Now, so many questions come to mind. How come my dear friend Kunbi of 'April with Kunbi' hasn't styled him or recommended him for styling? How come CNN hasn't done a story on him? How come his life isn't documented on blogs daily? How come he isn't a brand ambassador for any product? The questions are ceaseless. 
Ciara put up a post of an equally beautiful traffic hawker selling some type of fruit yesterday and she was described, in Ciara's own words as 'beautiful and talented'. If these two 'hawker beauties' were discovered less than 2 months apart, it means that beautiful girls that hawk commodities aren't in short supply in Lagos. While people who finish with a 5.0 CGPA are almost non existent! It took 54 years to produce the first one!

While Olajumoke and this other lady are rough stones that could be polished to achieve a lustrous shine, Ayodele is a true jewel, a rare yellow diamond in its truest and purest form. Let's not let our 'poverty mentality', that makes things of lesser importance seem valuable, cloud our judgement. 
I have no objection to polishing stones to bring out their shine, but please let's not do it at the expense of gems of inestimable value! The outcome of our future depends largely on 'what' or 'whom' we invest in. If Japan, Switzerland or America invested their time and money in pretty bread sellers, we won't have the brains behind their automotive, aeronautic, horological or financial achievements today. I'm not saying we shouldn't celebrate Olajumoke o! Before people call me a hater.
But like hell we must celebrate Ayodele first!

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