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Saturday, January 30, 2016

The Bad Sides of Supreme Court Judgement for Rivers State

Honestly, that judgment is a disservice to the nation and it encourages a do or die politics. That judgment makes it obvious that the judges that PDP planted in the Supreme Court are ready to hamstring the nation in the struggle for change. It has further given impetus to BLOOD THIRSTY POLITHIEFCIANS and has endorsed the demonic mantra that the end justify the means.

Even if Wike maybe considered popular in Rivers state, it is obvious that the election that brought him to power is nothing but a bloody coup. It was an election in which scores of Rivers people who were in the opposition were murdered, and the international community can bear witness to that. 
Election rarely took place in Rivers as many people were afraid to come out to vote. Nothing on earth could justify the result of the election in Rivers. Even if it is possible for Wike to win a well organized rerun as Rivers people may decide to vote to remain in opposition. However, it is wrong to allow the charade that happened in Rivers to stand because it is a precedent for violence in future elections in Nigeria.

It may interest the world to know that 99% of Rivers State House Assembly elections that took place the same day as the governorship have all been annulled. How is it possible that all those that were elected with Wike are said to be electoral armed robbers and the man who led the operation is not? Funny hanh!

Why did these corrupt PDP appointed Supreme Court Judges do this evil to Nigeria? Why are they taking us fifty years backward by approving the use of violence to gain power? 

Oh, Rivers State is now Rivers of Blood. Rivers has become a land where conscience has been mortgaged and the souls of those who were murdered shall trouble those who say it was right to kill a brother man because of position and election. Darkness has found a home in the heart of many and the land is utterly desecrated. All because of men who seat in the temple of justice to endorse EVIL.

Honestly, with these crop of men democracy is in danger in Nigeria. We must begin a struggle to weed out these occultic judges who find joy in seeing STREAM of BLOOD of innocent people in the name of election. We must fight those who use their position to endorse wickedness for future Nigerians and who give perpetual injunctions and frivolous bails to hardened political criminals in Nigeria.

For those who are comparing Lagos judgement and Rivers, you are wrong. The issues I have raised does not bother on the fact of PVC. It has to do with violence, murder, intimidation of voters and outright rigging. Those things didn't take place in Lagos. The numbers with which Wike was declared governor was outrageous and if a common forensic audit was done as in the case of Mimiko, Fayemi and Oshomole, the whole world would have been amazed at what happened in Rivers State. Even unborn children felt the violence that took place in the state. The supreme court had a moral duty not to allow them benefit from such violence.

Now we can imagine an emboldened repeat of that kind of violence in Bayelsa in last governorship election because those who did it in RIVERS of BLOOD are being justified. God forbid!

For those of us that are clapping and jubilating, I want you to get ready for what you will see in 2019 and the days ahead as our elections are going to become bloody, because now the end justify the means.

For those who are sentimentally seeing this judgement from the perspective of balancing power and discouraging one party system, I say you are wrong. I mean to say that there are other opposition governors who truly won there elections free and fair. We have the likes of Ayade of Cross River, Ugwuenyi of Enugu, and even Umahi of Ebonyi and Dankwanbo of Gombe state, all of who are of the PDP.

Wike could have also won his election because of the support that the people of South South and South East gave to Goodluck Jonathan. But because he was desperate, he instituted a BLOODY MACHINERY that murdered people in cold blood and rigged the election beyond expectation. At best, the Supreme Court could have asked for a rerun and allow Wike to go and get a mandate under a well supervised and free fair elections since he claims to be popular in the state.

This judgment is in bad taste, it is not in the same pedestal with that of Dakwanbo, Umahi and Amusun, it is an endorsement of violence and disservice to the nation by the Supreme Court Justices.

- by Mr. Great-Imo Jonathan

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