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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

See What Igbos Are Saying about Olisa Metuh in Handcuffs

Seriously, must we see everything in Nigeria from the tribal angle? Tafa Balogun was put in handcuffs in this country and the Yorubas never said it is because he's their brother, rather they even criticized him for embezzling Nigerian Police funds and bringing shame to his people.
Sambo Dasuki had told EFCC what he did and how he acted on Goodluck Jonathan's instruction to give out more to PDP leaders. But Olisa Metuh said he won't tell EFCC how he used the money he got. He kept playing hide-and-seek even while in detention, thus exposing himself.
He appeared in court from Prison on Tuesday in handcuffs and some Igbos have already playing the tribal card, saying Dasuki the giver was not put in handcuffs but Metuh the receiver was in handcuffs.
Those making these tribal claims should note that Metuh has the most difficult bail conditions so far and that is due to his "stubborn" acts. So, is the Judge who is from Awka State after fighting Igbos?
Some Hausas are saying Buhari hates Dasuki, some Igbos are saying Buhari hates Metuh. Cheap claims.
If my tribe's man took money and bragged that he won't say how he used it, let him face the law. Simple!

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