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Monday, January 11, 2016

Schoolgirl raped by her father kills herself ,leaves touching suicide note (Photos)

A Chinese schoolgirl reportedly committed suicide in a desperate attempt to escape being raped anymore by her father.
The 13-year-old left a series of suicide notes asking her family not to despair, then threw herself off the roof of the high-rise block that she lived in.
According to Daily Record,Xiaoguo had lived with her aunt in the Changzi County of north Shanxi Province ever since her parents got divorced.
The aunt, identified only by her surname Lv, said the teen’s father had come around recently asking if he could take his daughter back to his hometown for “a few days.”Xiaoguo left with him, but reportedly returned to her aunt "acting strangely" and had no appetite..

Her aunt said the girl later told her that her father had sexually assaulted her and raped her twice.
Her aunt called the police and had Xiaoguo’s father arrested.
A few days later Xiaoguo jumped off the 36th storey of her high-rise residential building and was found dead moments later - leaving behind a number of suicide notes.
In one note, Xiaoguo wrote:
 “Many things require no explanation. I didn’t want to tell you these secrets because I was afraid you’d lose hope and want to give up on me.“I’m sure you will be disappointed, but I hope you will not despair.

 Please burn my body and let my ashes be washed away by the sea.
"I've always hated lying; it's a shameful act. Even white lies are sometimes unforgivable.
"I should not have existed in this world; I have no right to say or do anything.
"Thank you. Sorry.
"Death is just another beginning; I chose to forget because it pains me (this is a mistake).
"Thank you. Sorry. Guilt. Regret."
Xiaoguo’s father is currently being held by police for raping and molesting a minor and is waiting to stand trial .

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