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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

No more "Book of Life"— Speaker, UI SRC

“We don’t want the book of life, it is a breach of students’ privacy”, Toheeb Arogundade, speaker of the University of Ibadan, Students’ Representative Council declared on the incessant leakage of students’ results to the public.

He made this statement in a short interview with UCJUI, where he said: “we don’t want the book of life and anybody; student or- blogger caught with the possession of the book of life will have to explain himself to the Central Students’ Disciplinary Council of the university. It is a breach of security to have such document”

The book of life as it fondly called amongst the students is a document that is used by the university senate in the consideration of students’ result. It details the name, department, faculty, level and CGPA/GPA. This document gets circulated even before the official release of either the semester’s or session’s results.

The speaker explained the implication of the book of life in the house resolution sent to the University’s Vice-Chancellor where it was stated that the leakage does not only questions the integrity of the 67-year-old institution but has more negative effect on the students.

“The leakage largely questions the administrative and security competence of the university management as no excuse is likely to be genuine enough to avail the University of that Liability thereby casting a negative shadow over the strenuous effort of over 67 years that have gone into building of the premier image,” he said.

“This damage, as grave as it may seems may still be less compared to the harm that might come to students as a result of the leakage of their results and other personal data online which in turn may be used by Hackers and other evil-minded individuals through social engineering to have access to more unauthorized data on individuals. When this happens, it may lead to psycho emotional and economic harm.

“And it is highly sardonic that any investigation launched into the leakage would definitely reveal sources close to the University’s dons and officials in charge of the administration of these data.”

In the letter signed by Arogundade Toheeb, the Speaker of the Students’ Representatives Council, Eferoro Emmanuel, the Clerk and the President of the Students’ Union, OlatejuAliyu Oladimeji, recommendations were suggested for the Vice Chancellor and the senate on ways to avoid such occurrences in future and they are:
  •     That necessary measure should be put in place to prevent future breach/leakage results and other students’ data as a result of concerned officials’ negligence, mistake or deliberateness.
  •     That the approved and official mediums like the Parent Portal and others should be enhanced for efficiency and effectiveness purpose such that students and parents can readily access their individual results immediately after the Senate consideration.
  •     That the University should come up with a policy that clearly states its position as regards the protection of students’ records, enunciating students’ right to privacy and the University’s obligations just like it has done with the Gender, Sexual Harassment, ICT, Institutional HIV/AIDS and Intellectual Property policies.

Source: UCJUI

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