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Monday, January 11, 2016

Lady Claims Igbo Men Are Worse Than Yoruba Men In Love & Relationship (See Why)

Whenever I come across things like this I just laugh; some ladies saying Yoruba men are bad, that they are not always faithful, bla bla bla, and others saying it's because these ladies are in Lagos, that they should go back home to their own state and date their tribe's men and see who is really bad.
My take on this issue: most men can't have one woman. It's the simple truth! But many people are trying to claim otherwise and you also have some ladies who say things like; if my man cheats, I will cheat too. My dear, if you cheat your man will drive you away and the guy you cheated with who knew that you had a man but was still opening your legs for him can never take you serious. Simple!

Even white men who claim to be practicing Court Marriage (One-man/One-wife) sleep with ashawo girls in clubs but if they catch their wife cheating, the marriage is over. In the Bible, many great men have more than one wife, so I don't understand this equality thing. But what's my own? Ladies, please continue to compete with your man, before you people will say Olu Famous is supporting men...Lol!
Anyway, this lady just shared her heartbreaking experience in the hands of an Igbo guy. See details...


Well, as for me I believe no tribe is bad. It's just an individual thing, depending on the person you meet.

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