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Monday, January 4, 2016

How To Make Over a Million Naira Weekly On NairaBet

Stop wasting your money! Stop Watching Football for fun... Do you know you can make a lot of millions by watching and predicting the outcome of any football matches? Not only football,you can predict the outcome of all sports events e.g Basketball, Volleyball, Golf, Tennis, Hockey e.t.c You don't have to predict the exact scoreline if you don't want to. The good news is that they pay directly to your bank account either dollar or naira.

Let me use football as an example.

If Manchester United is playing Wigan Athletic at home,you can stake your money that Manchester United will win. If you are correct, you will win your bet. The amount you will win will depend on the odds on that particlular match.

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Using the Manchester United and Wigan example I gave above,a bookmaker can say his price/odds for the match is 1.2. This means that whatever you bet with will be multiplied by 1.2

Is it making sense now?

Predict that Wigan will beat Manchester United, the odds could be 14.2. That means that whatever you bet with will be multiplied by 14.2 Still using the Manchester United and Wigan example...

So if you want to bet on it, what would you do? Manchester United to win at 1.2? If you put 1,000 on that, you will get just 1,200 in return. That is just 200 gain. Or will you back
Wigan to win at 14.2? You only need to put in 1,000 to win 14,200. But will Wigan beat Manchester United?
If 1.2 sounds small to you, there is something you can do to
increase your potential returns. It's called accumulators. Let me explain what that is.
Let us assume that this weekend, these are the matches that will be played.
Man Utd V Wigan
Chelsea V West Brom
Arsenal V Sunderland
If the odds for Man Utd to win is 1.2 and Chelsea to win is also 1.2 and Arsenal to win is 1.4. What you can do is to combine these matches and say they Man Utd, Chelsea and Arsenal will win so you returns will be 1.2 multiplied by 1.2 multiplied by 1.4. 1.2 times 1.2 times 1.4 = 2.016

So if you put 1,000 your returns will be 1,000 times 2.016 which gives us 2,016. That has increased your returns. The only problem is that with accumulators, once one of your picks go wrong,everything goes wrong.

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