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Friday, January 8, 2016

Girl nearly dies after her superstitious dad let a cobra bite her wrist (Photos)

A Chinese man has deliberately let a venomous snake bite his ill daughter in a desperate bid to treat her blood disorder.

Wang Mengyao, eight, was forced to take the lethal bites while being pinned down by her father at her home in Wuqiang County, Hebei Province, reported the People's Daily Online . She almost lost her life and had to be rushed to the hospital for anti-venom serum.Mengyao's father, 33-year-old Wang Jingshuai, said he followed a folk remedy, which claims a cobra's venom could cure anemia, after he could no longer afford his daughter's medical bills.

According to him, Mengyao had a two-week fever in January 2011.

She was later diagnosed with aplastic anemia by the No. 2 Provincial Hospital in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province.Wang Jingshuai said the family had spent all its savings trying to save the girl in the past five years
Although Jingshuai said he had hesitation at the beginning, he later decided to take the risk and asked a friend to send him a venomous reptile from south China.

The man stated that his daughter refused to be bitten after seeing the snake.Jingshuai allegedly pinned down Mengyao's by her arm while holding the cobra to her wrist.

The daughter immediately fell ill after the 'treatment', said a regretful Jingshuai.The father rushed his daughter to the hospital, where she was saved by anti-venom serum

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