10:10 or 1010 1010, On Off On Off, Binary Numbers, reality is computer generated, we exist in a virtual reality experiment in linear time to experience emotions. Computers use 1010 digital codes that repeat over and over - circuit open and circuit closed - a blinking effect as all goes back to the Eye/Lens. We find the time 10:10 featured on most clock images.

The binary numeral system, or base-2 number system represents numeric values using two symbols, 0 and 1.

Eye Symbology

Reality is experienced through the 'eye' or 'I' of time. It is your personal journey, simultaneously on many levels, through a 360 degrees computer consciousness virtual reality program. The physical eye has a pupil. We are pupils/students in a university experiencing consciously through the lens of time or virtual reality.
To understand that the eye is the window to the soul, there are 2 techniques you can use, alone or with one other person. Alone ... stand in front of a mirror in the dark. Shine a flashlight below your face pointing upward. Now stare at the eyes in the mirror and you shall see your image change into many people, some may not be human, all of whom are aspects of your soul experiencing in other grids. To do this with another person ... sit across from the person in a dimly lit, or dark room. Place the flashlight below your face again. This will enable the other person to see you in other lives and tell you what they see as they look through the windows of your soul. They may also see themselves in that lifetime with you. Next repeat this by looking into the other person's eyes. It is important not to move while doing this form of scrying. To truly be skilled at this, you will take the other person, or yourself, to their 'soul spark' of light. It is the flicker of light, white, blue, purple, that you sometimes see in the periphery of your field of vision, for only a second. Always remember, your experience here is just that ... a second.
The 'third eye' is the 6th chakra or pineal gland. As your frequency raises, it activates and opens and brings messages beyond physical vision.  In moving into a higher frequency, you experience expanded consciousness and see reality on many levels and dimensions. I am certain you have had experiences where your inner light sight has expanded and you are seeing more with your inner eyes that you had seen before. Could it be that divine lenses within you are expanding?  It is a common experience to see an eye, or eyes, looking back at you. Your perspective in, dreams, of colors, your personal life and relationships, will be seen through a 'new light.' You are moving into a higher frequency that enables you to expand your consciousness and see reality on many levels and dimensions. This can be a quantum leap in perception and can be life changing as you discard patterns that no longer work in higher frequency. Your total perception changes in this acceleration of time.
The opening of the eye, is symbolic of a time of awakening, the evolution of consciousness -- the activation of your DNA = 11:11 digital alarm. The opening of the eye, Iris, Isis, I, can be the physical eye or what is called the 'third eye', which looks up and out, has a lens and is the pineal gland.
The camera slows down the action allowing us to experience events as linear in nature, when indeed they are not. Exploring in linear time allows us to experience emotions through an electromagnetic field, duality, polarity, love vs. fear. We see balance as we awaken and remember that we are souls sparks, the twinkling lights you see, who are in a physical form that is evolving back to its original creation, pole shifts of consciousness, earth changes both physical and as metaphors.
There is much symbology linked with the image of the 'eye', all linking to the eye as a metaphor for the source of creation, God, Eye of God.
People dream or meditating and see an Eye that is either opened or closed. The opened eye is awakened consciousness.
Some see large dark oval eyes, the eyes of the grays aliens. The large alien head is a metaphor for consciousness expanding when you 'move' into the 'eye', the large head of the alleged gray alien.