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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Meet Senator Muhammed Who Lost Five Ribs To Boko Haram

The Senator representing Yobe South, Muhammed Hassan, has revealed how he was attacked by Boko Haram, which resulted into five of‎ his ribs being broken during electioneering in Yobe State. 
While speaking in an interview, the Vice Chairman, Senate Committee on FCT, said his closest confidant was killed during the attack on his convoy by the heartless Boko Haram.
Recalling his sad experience, the Senator said: “I am a victim of insurgency. “As I speak with you, five of my ribs are broken.

“There was an attempt on my life but we thank God I survived it. We have over 20,000 refugees and almost six million IDPs, we lost loved ones, properties and so many attacks on schools.

“Things are coming back to normal and we must commend our officers and soldiers on the field. 
"It was during the campaign and my convoy was attacked. The attack was directed at my own car. My closest confidant died in that accident and I was lucky I survived. When I was taken to the hospital in that town, I did not know how bad our hospitals were until I was asked to be taken to one of the hospitals in my home town.

“I could not believe it. As a result of that, I decided to build a hospital because there is no good one where I come from. I will make sure it’s well equipped.

“For the first time, my constituents are happy about the development because it is not by the government but a personal project. I got inspired by that accident because it could be any other person tomorrow.”

On the current state of things in his state, he said “We thank God that we have not experienced any suicide bombing lately, which used to be a weekly affair. Life is coming back to normalcy.

“To a great extent, on security, I must commend the President and the gallant soldiers trying to ensure that peace returns in this region.... I will say the government is doing very well.‎”

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