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Friday, December 25, 2015

Husband Beats Up His Pregnant Wife Bcos She Flog His Dog

One Omotayo shared this story and I couldn't help but wonder the kind of love between the couple:

So this evening, I heard screams from my neighbors house, I know the woman of the house is pregnant. I run to check what was happening, I met her bleeding from beating she got from her husband.

This is what happened... One of the three dogs in the house (her husband being a pet lover, Dog especially) gave birth two weeks ago and had since become unbearable to accommodate with her 24/7 barking. Most Neighbors could hardly sleep at night with her consistent barking.

The wife couldn't take it anymore and beat the dog with a stick to keep her quite...
The husband who was mad at her action did not hesitate to pounce and beat her mercilessly which lead to her bleeding. People intervened and she was taken to the hospital for treatment afterwards.

This led to a debate among neighbors about what they would have done if in the man's shoes. 
Some say it's wrong for the wife to hit the dog that just gave birth with stick, others say no matter what the husband should not raise his hands on his pregnant wife. A third group condemned both of them.

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